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Organic cuisine is indulgence
on the highest level

Gourmet holidays at the Eco Hotel Rhön - Mellrichstadt

An experience not to be missed. Not limited to your palate, but pleasing all the senses. Your active adventures in the nature of the Rhön are part of your indulgence programme. Just as the relaxing moments in the Rhön Spa. Your gourmet experience is topped off with luxurious aromas to treat your taste buds. Our food is prepared with only the finest ingredients in best organic quality. Specifically crafted menus, creatively arranged. Fine dining. Be enticed by the creations of our skilled chefs.

We want to go back to the roots. Leave the standards of strict etiquette and menus behind. Our dishes convince with simplicity and intense fragrances and aromas. We’ve got nothing to hide. So, we can take you on a culinary journey. Showing you the heart piece of our hotel – the open kitchen. Where you can watch us at work. Take a look when we prepare your favourite meal. Giving you tips and a smile.

Organic restaurant Rhön, sustainable indulgence / Otto's

Biohotel Sturm is a member of Slow Food Germany

Organic restaurant Rhön, sustainable indulgence / Otto's

Eating with a quiet conscience. Slow Food Germany believes in good, clean and fair food. It is a global network supporting local food culture. We think organic and slow food belong together and so we are a proud member of the network since 2006. Slow Food wants to prevent the disappearance of local traditions and counteract the rise of fast life and combat people’s dwindling interest in the food they eat.

As a member of the Slow Food network, we support the effort to preserve local specialities like the Rhön Brown Trout or the typically Franconian Bratwurst. Keeping them on the menus and in the shops is one of our goals. Slow Food also wants to bring together producers and consumers. The German network offers education projects for children and adults, teachers and the general public to make people appreciate the importance of sustainable, organic and locally-sourced produce. The global network with about 1,00,000 members in 153 countries promotes the concept of good, clean and fair food. During your stay at Biohotel Sturm you can taste typical products from the Rhön region.