Endlich – wir öffnen zum 3. Juni!
Liebe Gäste, liebe Freunde,

lange genug mussten wir ausharren, aber nun ist es soweit: Wir öffnen zum 3. Juni. Freut euch auf ein noch schöners Sturm. Startet schon jetzt mit Eurer Urlaubsplanung, viele tun es bereits. Genießt die Vorfreude bei flexibelsten Stornobedingungen. Unsere Rezeption ist nun von Montag bis Freitag in der Zeit von 9:00 - 14:00 Uhr zu erreichen. Wir beantworten gerne Eure telefonischen Anfragen (09776 8180-0) und bearbeiten sämtliche Online-Anfragen und -Buchungen.

Wir freuen uns so auf Euch! Es grüßen ...
Christa, Matthias & 36 gute Seelen

Restful sleep and sweet
dreams at the Biohotel Sturm

Cosy rooms at the eco-friendly hotel, Bavaria.

We invite you to spend a wonderful getaway. To leave your everyday life behind. And be inspired by the atmosphere in our eco-friendly hotel. Our rooms are elegant and beautiful. In simple design. Modern interior that creates a sense of calm. The used natural materials and fine cloths provide a wonderful homey feel. Come in, forget about time, and simply let go.

A good night’s sleep is important, but not everything. Therefore, we also pamper you with best organic cuisine in our eco-friendly hotel. Sustainable indulgence is beckoning you to the table at our Otto’s. At our breakfast buffet you will find homemade specialities. If you want to see where some of the ingredients for our organic food come from, you should visit our tasting garden.

Sleep well in one of the eco-friendly hotels Bavaria

A place to find peace and calm. Unwind and let go.

Sleep well in one of the eco-friendly hotels Bavaria

Set in one of the most beautiful natural landscapes of Europe – the Rhön. A place boasting sweeping views of the breath-taking Mittelgebirge, proving that humans and nature belong together.

The offers of our eco-friendly wellness hotel Sturm unite what belongs together anyway. Outdoor experiences, culinary highlights and sensual moments of relaxation. From the tasting garden you directly enter the Rhön. From the restaurant you go to the comfortable rooms. Find inner balance and choose the offer suiting your taste.